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Paul Brent's Artwork for Tile Murals and Decorative Accent Tiles

The Tile Mural Store licenses the beautiful artwork of world renowned artist Paul Brent.

Paul Brent, a Panama City Florida artist, has joined the ever growing team of talented artists represented by The Tile Mural Store in the creation of their tile murals.


PR Log (Press Release) – Aug 15, 2009 – Tile murals have been used for decades in home remodeling, home improvement and home building projects. Today, most tile murals are made using the digital scans of original paintings. Digital technology allows the tile mural manufacturer to embed crystal clear sharp images into the tiles. All the beauty and detail of the original painting, whether it is an oil painting, acrylic on canvas or watercolor painting transfers to the tiles.

The Tile Mural Store offers the largest selection of modern day and vintage paintings to choose from. “We continually look for new and interesting art to add to our portfolio and we actively seek out today’s most inspiring artists to work with.” explains Toni, President and Founder of The Tile Mural Store. “We are fortunate to work with some of the finest artists in the world and we are ecstatic to add Paul Brent’s artwork to our collection.”

“Paul Brent offers such a wide variety of artwork. There is an art piece for every room and every décor. We currently license over 180 images of his artwork that we can transfer to the tiles ranging from his famous coastal scenes, to butterflies, fish, shells and sea life, tropical scenes and of course, a large assortment of fruit and kitchen designs. The Brent collection of artwork available for tile murals can be viewed of The Tile Mural Store website - starting on this page Be sure to scroll through all pages to see every image available. If a customer admires a Paul Brent original painting that they would like to have as a tile mural but that image does not appear on the site, we invite them to contact us to inquire about it. We most likely would be able to acquire the digital image of the artwork and create that special tile mural for them since we hold the exclusive license to create tile murals from his library of artwork.”

The Tile Mural Store is a tile mural manufacturer specializing in creating decorative tile murals and accent tiles. Founded in 1999, the company's tile murals and accent tiles have been sold and shipped World Wide.

Contact: Toni, President and Founder
(727) 742-7719

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The Tile Mural Store offers the LARGEST selection of decorative wall tile murals and single tile accents. We offer both kiln fired AND completely customizable tile murals created from the digital reproduction of original artwork, paintings and drawings.

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Last Updated : Aug 15, 2009
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