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Artist Spotlight – Janet Kruskamp


The works of American artist Janet Kruskamp are recognized and collected around the world. Born in Oregon, she has been earning accolades for her artistic skills since her early childhood. The artist combines realistic and romantic aspects of her subjects to create enchanting images of everyday objects and scenes. Her studies of the American scene have been exhibited in many shows in the U.S. and France. The Long Beach Museum of Art has been a major showcase for Kruskamp’s paintings.


The career of Janet Kruskamp is highly diverse. She has a wide range of subjects and is highly sought after internationally. Born in Oregon, she started painting professionally at the age of eleven. She graduated with honors from the prestigious Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles.  Her art is in high demand throughout the country and the world, as evidenced by her ever-changing studio full of original paintings, cabinets of prints, and hundreds of samples of licensed products. However, her success has not come without setbacks. In fact, Kruskamp has had to adapt her artistic style and subject matter to accommodate the needs of her various clients.  Her most notable works include “The New Age,” “Rebellion,” and “Americana.”


Artists such as Janet Kruskamp are popular not only in her native California, but around the world. She has been featured in Southwest Art Magazine, San Jose Magazine, and Northlight Magazine, among other places. Known for her versatility and ability to capture the essence of a wide range of subjects, Kruskamp is an important figure in the art world. Born with crayons in one hand, Kruskamp was a prolific artist by the time she was two years old. Even when she wasn’t allowed to play with them, her parents stepped in and provided her with the appropriate artists’ materials.

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