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Because there are over 5,000 designs to choose from, we do not keep a printed copy of a catalog. Designs come and go frequently and it would just be impossible to keep up with a hard copy catalog. All of the available designs can be found throughout the website.

Our tile murals and accents are produced from original artworks painted by well known and inspiring artists. Since the artwork has been digitally scanned, usually images can be resized to fit the area you intend to tile. The image is printed with sublimation dye onto sublimation paper using one of the best 8 color photo printers available capable of printing millions of colors. The printed image and the tiles are then put into a heat press and we apply heat and pressure to the tile and printed image to transfer these images to the tile. The dye of the printed image flashes from solid form to gas form (much like dry ice) under the intense heat and pressure of the heat press machine. The gas formed dye permeates the tile surface and becomes permanent to the tile. You cannot wash the image off. You can clean them daily with a sponge or soft cloth and any normal household cleaner such as glass cleaner, multi-purpose cleaner or dish soap. The images to the tiles is permanent and are suitable to use as on any interior wall (wet or dry) such as a kitchen backsplash (behind a stove or sink) or on the wall of your shower or tub surround. The tiles are unaffected by the steam and heat from cooking and can get wet daily and be cleaned daily.

You can install the tile murals, accent tiles and Solo glass panels permanently to any interior wall such as a kitchen backsplash, tub and shower surround or as a fireplace surround or mantle (temperature not to exceed 300 degrees). They may also be installed outdoors on the wall in areas that do not receive any direct sunlight.

Like almost all of the murals on the market today, our regular murals can only be placed outdoors if they are completely shaded year-round.   This is due to the fact that the tile coating is not U.V./sunlight stable.

If you need a tile mural made for use outdoors in the direct sunlight, just give us a call at 720-502-0296. We can use ceramic pigments and kiln fire any image on the website by special order. We can only kiln fire on smooth surface ceramic tiles.

Please visit our Tile Types page to see images and descriptions of the various tile types.

You can choose from smooth surface ceramic tiles, stone textured porcelain tiles and very distressed natural stone tumbled marble tiles.

Ceramic tiles have a smooth surface. The ceramic tiles have built in spacers to allow room for a very slender grout space between the tiles. If you want to use ceramic tiles you also choose the finish for the ceramic tiles.  They are available in glossy, satin or matte finish.


Porcelain tiles have a satin/matte finish. These tiles have a texture (to make them look like stone). The texture has pits and nicks on the face of the tile where the color of the design will not penetrate. This will give your tiles an "old world" and somewhat weathered look. The porcelain tiles do not have built in spacers. For a thin grout line, just butt the tiles against each other when installing. We do not recommend using wall tile spacers between the tiles as this will break up the image too much.


Marble tiles are a tumbled marble natural stone and have a textured matte finish with nicks and pits on the face where the color of the design will not penetrate. The marble tiles also have chipped and uneven edges and chipped/missing corners. Because the tumbled marble tiles are a natural stone there is unevenness of color within each tile and from tile to tile which can show through the colors of the mural. Using the marble tiles will give your mural a very "old world" and very weathered look. The marble tiles need to be sealed by you using a water-based natural (non-enhancing) stone sealer BEFORE you grout. You can find the sealer at most hardware and tile stores and at your local home improvement warehouse in the tile section. The marble tiles do not have built in spacers. For a thin grout line, just butt the tiles against each other when installing. We do not recommend using wall tile spacers between the tiles as this will break up the image too much.

The ceramic tiles are standard smooth surface 4 ¼" and 6" tiles with built in spacers. They are Dal Tile or American Olean Brand (same tile, same company - just sold under two different names at certain retailers). Since the image covers the entire area of the tiles you will not match the tile color to the tile you choose for the rest of the walls. The stone textured porcelain tiles are made in Italy just for us. You can not match that tile body exactly but this tile body blends very well with any other textured tile or tumbled travertine. The tumbled marble tiles are a tumbled natural stone that are typical of tumbled marble tiles you'd find elsewhere. They have a texture with pits and nicks on the face, uneven and chipped edges and rounded missing chipped corners just as any other tumbled marble tile would have.

Please use our overall dimensions as guidelines only. The ceramic tiles have the built in spacer nubs so those murals will take up more space than our stated dimensions.  The stone textured porcelain tiles are approximately 1/8" smaller than their stated dimensions and the tumbled marble tiles are approximately 1/16" smaller than their stated dimensions. Depending on the size of your mural there will be a difference in the stated overall dimensions and the actual overall dimensions from less than an inch to several inches for the larger murals. You should choose a design size that is smaller than the space you are tiling to allow for any overall dimension size difference. You should start your installation project with the mural and work out from it after it is installed.

Yes, please visit our Gallery. There you can view pictures of how others have used their tiles. You'll be inspired!

Most orders ship within 2 business days from date of order. We do not keep a stock of finished tiles and each order is custom made as it is ordered. There are some items on the Specials page that are pre-made and can be shipped right away. If you need your custom made tiles in a hurry, just let us know. We can work with you to get your tiles completed quickly.

We ship orders with UPS. During the check out process the system will give you the different shipping options and costs and you choose the option that is right for you. Note that the shipping options are for tiles AFTER they have been made for you. Shipping costs are based on the weight of the shipment and the distance it will travel. Our system connects with the UPS system during check out so you will know total cost with shipping of your order before you complete your purchase. If you need your order to arrive quickly, you can chose a faster shipping method. Note that UPS does not consider Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays in their days in transit.

The shade or hue of an exact color is impossible to match and determine for a number of reasons. The most important factor that determines the color we see on the website or when a design is printed is the settings of your particular monitor and printer. Color is interpreted by each brand of monitor and printer differently. For instance, what looks or prints as a light pink color on your monitor and printer may be a shade or two darker on mine. It will still be pink - but the shades will be different. That is because the settings of your equipment are different from mine. Also, keep in mind that the way humans interpret color is determined by the number of color "cones" in our eyes. Even people perceive color differently. You may see a particular color lighter or darker than the way I see it. As an example, the color we both perceive may be purple, but the shade won't be the same for each of us. When you look at a design on the website and you see, for instance, the color purple. The finished tiles will have purple in them but the shade could be lighter or darker than what you see on your monitor or print from your printer. Trying to match an EXACT shade of a color is just not possible. When trying to match colors it is best to receive your tiles first and then match your paint or drapery colors with the tiles rather than the other way around.

Although completing and submitting the order form is an authorization for us to charge your credit card for your order, if we have not started making your tiles for you than your order may be canceled without charge or penalty. Once we have started to make your tiles for you than a 25% restocking fee will be imposed. This charge is necessary to partially off-set our time and costs of the materials used in creating your tiles. Since every order is custom made to your specification it is rare that we receive a request for the same exact order as anyone else. If an order is canceled after we have begun making the tile, there is little chance anyone else would place an order for the exact same design on the exact same tile color and finish and so there is little chance that we could re-sell the canceled order. If you need to cancel an order, just let us know ASAP and if we have not started to make your tile, you will not be charged anything.

If you are not happy with your tiles, they may be returned but there are some restrictions:

  • Returns will not be accepted without our prior approval. If you wish to return an order you must contact us prior to shipping it back to get a refund. All returned orders must be shipped back to us insured to their retail value within 30 days from the date you received your order. You must contact us prior to returning the tiles in order to receive a refund. Return shipping costs, including insurance, are the responsibility of the customer. Because the tile murals and accent tiles are custom made just for you we must charge a 25% restocking fee on all returned orders. Returns on pool mosaic tiles also incur the 25% restocking fee which is imposed by the manufacturer of these items (we are a distributor for the pool mosaic tiles and do not manufacture those items).
  • Refunds are given only if the tiles are returned in their original and new condition. Tiles that are made using your supplied picture or any tiles that are altered in any way from the way they appear on the site (examples - placed on the diagonal, removing borders, changing colors) as well as custom sized murals, murals made on non-stocked tile sizes and kiln fired tiles may not be returned. Tiles that are damaged or in any way altered from the way they were shipped to you may not be returned.

Please remember that we can not exactly match the colors on the tiles to the colors on your computer monitor screen or that print from your printer. Your computer monitor and printer have their own settings for how colors are portrayed and every monitor and printer is different. We can not match exact hues of colors and there will be a difference of color on the tiles from what you see on your computer monitor or print from your printer. If you need to match the colors of the tiles exactly to a color you want to use for your project we suggest that you order your tiles first and coordinate the colors for the rest of your project based on the actual colors of the tiles. Do not rely on the hues you see on your computer screen or that print from your printer for color matching.

Please note that canvas art prints are not returnable. Canvas art prints will be replaced if they are damaged in transit but returns on canvas art prints are not permissible.

If your tiles arrive damaged, you should notify us within 72 hours of receiving your tiles. We will re-make your tiles and ship them to you at our expense. We ask that you keep the damaged items and all packaging material for shipper's inspection and pick up as we will make a claim with the shipper. All orders that are shipped with UPS are fully insured but your cooperation with UPS is necessary to file a damage claim.

Tiles that are broken or damaged by you, or when you did not notify us soon enough to file a damage claim with UPS, can be replaced but you would need to pay the cost of the individual tile(s) and shipping costs for the replacement tiles. All mural tiles have a number on the back of the tile. Please provide to us the number on the back of the tile that needs to be replaced.

If you have questions we would love to hear from you. You can give us a call at 720-502-0296.
If you prefer that we call you just send us an e-mail with your name, phone number, time zone (or State) and a good time range to call you and we will call you. It would be our pleasure to speak to you and assist you in finding the perfect design for your home.
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