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Artist Spotlight – Terry Isaac

The American painter Terry Isaac, is best known for his wildlife paintings. Born and raised in Salem, Oregon, Isaac began creating his striking wildlife art in his late teens. He later relocated to Penticton, British Columbia, where he now lives. During his career, Terry Isaac has painted thousands of animals and landscapes across North America. Despite having a formal art education, Isaac studied a number of wildlife artists to develop his unique style.

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While his work has won numerous awards, his passion for painting is still very much alive. His passion for nature, animals, and birds led him to paint them in acrylics. The goal of his work is to capture the character of each subject, and the light surrounding it. A number of his paintings have been featured in prestigious public and private collections. He has also published several books on painting wildlife, including the popular “Painting the Drama of Wildlife Step by Step.”

Terry also teaches about painting.  During his classes, Terry Isaac teaches the importance of dividing the canvas into manageable pieces. In the video below, he explains the techniques of breaking down a large, complex wildlife scene into manageable pieces. By dividing the canvas into squares, he can better show students how to tackle nature’s challenges in one-square at a time. And in this workshop, he shares the secrets of how to paint nature using this technique

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