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Decorative Tile Ideas For Your Kitchen Backsplash or Bathroom

Decorative tile is an excellent choice for a variety of decorating projects. You can use it to add pops of color or other effects. A variety of styles, including mosaic, wood, and metal tiles, can add a personal touch to your room. Read on for some design ideas for your next project. Also, check out these tips for choosing the perfect tile:

Consider murals: Tile murals are picture-like scenes depicted on a wall. Usually made of 6 tiles or more, these murals are great for embellishing a wall design. Elaborate patterns or large tile murals may take some time to install.  Once installed, these tiles will be durable and last for years if you care for them properly. The possibilities are endless! If you want to add a splash of color and pizzazz to an area, consider ceramic tiles with artwork. Many styles are available, and you can even have a piece of art created just for you!

If you’re remodeling a kitchen, try using decorative tiles to enhance the design and feel of the space.  The Tile Mural Store offers a number of tile patterns and styles for your kitchen or bathroom. Decorative tiles can be used as kitchen backsplashes or as accents in showers and tub surrounds. And they’re easy to clean! They’ll last for years and will complement other attractive elements in the room. Plus, they’re relatively inexpensive.

Consider scale. If your room is small, a busy tile design might be too overwhelming. Instead, choose accent tiles that are sparsely separated around the wall, or vertically over a sink. You’ll notice the difference immediately. And you’ll be pleased with the end result! You can also use tiles to cover walls, as they are versatile and can be placed anywhere. The possibilities are endless! You can even hang them as art on your walls.

Decorative tiles are also an excellent choice for a kitchen backsplash. A backsplash of colorful tiles is a surefire way to make a plain kitchen pop.  Tile with artwork, or Mexican or Moroccan tile is a great way to add a personal touch. 

You can mix and match patterns in your bathroom. But don’t overdo it. Stick to two or three tile patterns in the same color palette. Using colors that blend well together can also create a stunning effect. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can experiment with colors and patterns, and you can even install a tile mural to accent the patterns.

Whether you choose ceramic, porcelain, or stone, choosing a suitable material is entirely up to you.  Natural stone tiles, on one hand, have character due to their uniqueness, but may suffer in terms of durability and coloring.  The caveat with natural stone tile is that it required sealing and regular maintenance.

You can also choose ceramic tiles with the finish of your choice – Satin, Gloss or Matte. They’re suitable for bathrooms or kitchen backsplashes because they’re easy to clean and maintain.  Decorative tiles are available in a multitude of colors to suit your taste, and the them you’re going for.  These tiles will make the space look more polished – and will generally add value to your home.

Decorative tiles can also add style to any space. For example, you can use aquatic themed tiles as the focal point of a bathroom. They’ll add a touch of contemporary design and will add some “wow” to the space. They’re versatile enough to be used in wet or dry locations, including inside your shower stall.

Accent tiles can also add a pop of color to a room. They’re an excellent choice if you want to add color without overwhelming the room. They’ll also add design interest to a room without requiring a full tile job. When done well, accent tiles can make a space look more modern and cohesive. It is important to choose a variety of tiles that suit your home’s overall style.

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