Patterned Tile Ideas

Homeowners are searching for creative ways to make their homes more inviting and vibrant, and patterned tiles have become increasingly popular in recent years. These varied patterns can be used to create an eye-catching decor that elevates any home’s visual appeal.

Patterned tiles offer an inviting aesthetic. Not only do they add character and grace to spaces, but also a playful, sophisticated touch. You can add depth and charm to any space with patterned backsplashes, showers, or accent tiles on the floor. But beyond just their visual charm, patterned tiles also offer practical advantages for your home that go far beyond aesthetic appeal.

Design elements can be employed to bring cohesion between different rooms in the home. Designers may create a timeless or classic pattern for the kitchen, which could include a backsplash or floor covering as well as countertops. Doing this makes your house cohesive and helps tie together all elements.

Patterned tiles come in an array of sizes, colors and designs that home designers can explore. Choose from muted interlocking hexagons or zinnias to modern geometrics and medallions that resemble petals – there’s something for everyone when it comes to finding the right design.

If you’re planning a home improvement project for the future, patterned tiles could be a great investment. This type of tile flooring, backsplashes or shower enclosure will increase the property’s value as it adheres to contemporary design principles – buyers often pay more for luxurious features.

Tile Murals & Accent Tiles

Tile murals are an increasingly popular option for those seeking patterned tiles. Kitchens are especially great places to use them, where professionals create murals featuring fresh produce such as wine glasses or pizza slices. Bistro or cafe-style backsplashes have also recently gained popularity among tile professionals. Finally, adding penny patterns with subway tiles to your powder room can add a playful touch.

Accent tiles with patterned patterns add a stylish flair to any room. They come in an array of colors and shapes, which can be finished off with artwork in biscuit or travertine finishes. Accent tiles like these are ideal for decorating living or bedroom walls to match the theme of their surroundings.


Some themes work better than others when it comes to patterns. Bohemian-inspired decor styles and bohemian-patterned tile make for a fantastic pairing. Add vibrant colors, plant patterns or Aztec prints for an eye-catching combination that’s both modern and timeless at the same time. Combine stunning flowers in plain tonalities alongside traditional decors for an eye-catching visual impact.

For farmhouse decor, patterned tiles with subtle variations in texture and tone are a popular choice. Designers often opt for these tried-and-true designs due to their connection to farming tradition and traditional farmhouse formats. Patterned tiles add personality while complementing both classical and genuine features alike.

Finally, let us consider the versatility of patterned tiles as decor ideas. Modern or contemporary homes may be more suited to simple tiles with minimal design while offices might need something with nature or floral imagery.  At the end of the day, patterned tiles can be used in almost any setting, and are a tried and true, reliable decorating choice.

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