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Artist Spotlight – Carey Chen


If you’re a lover of art and the sea, Carey Chen’s paintings are sure to inspire you. His work has captured the details of the ocean and the brilliant blend of colors that make his paintings stand out. Growing up in the Florida Keys, he pursued other interests, including fishing. Now, he has turned his love of the ocean into a successful career as a marine artist. His paintings depict everything from a battle between billfish to a tranquil scene on a coral reef.

As a marine artist, Carey Chen combines his love for the ocean with his passion for sport-fishing to create a unique collection of artwork.  He uses a dye-sublimation technique to print his paintings onto high-performance fishing apparel. These unique designs are available for both men’s and women’s styles. If you’re a fan of Carey Chen, you’ll want to check out his beautiful art and be inspired by the stories behind his work.


The subject matter of Carey Chen’s paintings is marine life and the aquatic landscape. His nearly photographic paintings portray realism and the unique beauty of three ecosystems in one painting. The great white heron, for instance, is depicted flying over the lighthouse in Boca Chita, Florida. More than 20 original paintings will be featured in this exhibit. In addition to paintings of marine life, Chen also creates abstract, surreal and fantasy works.

Born in Los Angeles, Carey Chen grew up in Jamaica and now resides in Miami. He has a true passion for the sea and paints its blue waves in beautiful, vivid colors. He uses state-of-the-art technologies, such as Stainless Steel Stand-off Mounting, to create his artworks. In addition to his work, Chen has organized several charity events, including those supporting the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, Make-A-Wish, Cystic Fibrosis, Hospice, Charlie House, and the Cancer Alliance. He has also received awards from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

The artist’s work has won many awards and is widely recognized worldwide. He has painted over 500 ocean scenes and his paintings have survived the test of time and are the gold standard for detailed marine art. Carey Chen is also a master diver and has captured all the beauty of the sea, from battling billfish to tranquil reef scenes. There are no limits to the subjects of Carey Chen’s paintings. You’ll be amazed at how much detail he’s managed to capture in each piece.

His father

Carey Chen was born and raised on Bat Island, in Costa Rica.  Growing up, Chen was raised by his boxing promoter father, Lucien Chen. His father promoted the George Foreman vs. Joe Frazier fight and the movie “Thriller in Manilla”. While growing up, Chen was often surrounded by celebrities, including Sugar Ray Robinson and Mohamed Ali. His father even opened the first KFC franchise in Jamaica, where Carey met the real Colonel Sanders. While there, Chen began his love of game fishing and continued to attend boxing events as an adult.

In 2012 Carey commenced his relationship with the Tile Mural Store – we are licensed to render his beautiful artwork onto exquisite tile murals.  Be sure to view Carey Chen’s Paintings, Tile Murals and Decorative Tiles.

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