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Artist Spotlight – Sung Sam Park

Sung Sam Park’s Early Life in Korea

Born in Seoul, Korea in 1949, Sung Sam Park began painting when he was just twelve years old. He started teaching art at a high school at age 13 and soon attracted the attention of prominent artists and heads of state. He received first place awards from Yoon go-Sun, the former President of South Korea.

After graduating from Jung Ang University in 1973, S. Sam Park continued his studies in France, where he studied painting with a group of other young artists. The French Impressionists had influenced his artistic style and S. Sam Park’s paintings reflect this. He studied impressionism and hyper-realism during his time in Europe and became well known in several galleries. He studied painting in France and is the youngest person to have won a national Mok-Woo Art Society competition.

After studying in France, Park returned to Korea briefly to participate in a national art competition sponsored by the Olympics. He won the Gold Medal for the painting, which was purchased by the Hyundai Corporation and displayed at its headquarters. As a result of his success, Park joined the Heart and Mind Artists Association of Korea, which evaluates all art competitions in Korea. After living in Europe for fourteen years, Park moved to the Southern California coast in the United States in 1994. His works have been exhibited in numerous American galleries and at the New York Art Expo.

Inspired by French impressionism

After his studies, Park visited Spain and France for inspiration.   Ultimately, Park took on the influences of the art of the great French Impressionists. The French Impressionists preferred to use loose, brushed-on colors and compositions. Park later developed his own style based on this aesthetic, and generally chooses to use a single paint-knife for most of hist work.

While visiting Athens, he met a young woman, Jennifer. Park married Jennifer, who influenced his art style by putting emphasis on beauty and emotions.

While his works are based on actual locations, Park often uses artistic license to portray ideal settings. Park has painted the Cyprus First Lady’s portrait. The Presidential Palace has six of his paintings. The former Massachusetts Governor purchased a Park painting of his birthplace. In addition to exhibiting his works in European galleries, Park has also exhibited at the New York Art Expo. These exhibits have garnered much praise from art collectors and publishers.

He captured ideal landscapes he experiences on his travels

He has been featured in more than 100 solo exhibitions around the world. His art is sought after by collectors and museums worldwide. The Tile Mural Store carries several Sung Sam Part works, including his famous Amalfi Coast paintings, Tuscan Poppies and scenes from Paris.   Visit our Sung Sam Park Paintings and Tile Murals page to see some of Park’s stunning works for tile.

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