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Artist Spotlight – Del Parson

If you love Latter-day Saint paintings, you have probably wondered about Delwin Oliver “Del” Parson. This painter is best known for his Christ in Red Robe painting, which is used widely in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Read on to learn more about this American artist. Listed below are some facts about Del Parson. How to recognize a masterpiece by Delwin Oliver Parson

First and foremost, Del Parson is a professor of painting at Dixie State University. He received his Master of Fine Arts degree from BYU and has been teaching portraiture at Dixie State University since 1988. Parson is an internationally recognized religious painter and has won numerous national and regional awards. His work is widely published and has been featured in both fine art prints and museums around the world. The following information is intended to serve as a brief introduction to the artist’s work.

Growing up in Rexburg, Idaho, Del Parson was introduced to art at an early age. His father was a professor of art at Ricks College. Del Parson graduated from Brigham Young University with a Master of Fine Arts degree. He has been painting professionally for more than three decades, and his paintings have been used in churches around the world. While a native of Idaho, Del Parson’s love of art began at a young age and his father was an art professor and artist at Ricks College. In addition, two of his brothers also became artists. After earning his MFA at Brigham Young University, he began working in galleries and grew fond of religious subjects.

After being commissioned by the LDS Church to paint its official portrait of the Savior, Del Parson produced several different paintings, all of which were rejected by the General Authorities. Ultimately, the General Authorities decided on the red robed version as the closest approximation to the Savior’s appearance. This portrait was a landmark for Del Parson and his work.

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