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This SOLO® glass tile features the artwork of Sandro Botticelli and contains images of Old World and Religious.

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This SOLO® glass tile features artwork by Sandro Botticelli that depicts the famous painting Birth of Venus. One of the most famous paintings in the history of art, The Birth of Venus by Renaissance master Sandro Botticelli (1444 to 1510) is a representation of spring based upon classical mythology. Renowned for his exquisite Sistine Chapel frescoes, Botticeli was a protege of the Medici family, who safeguarded The Birth of Venus during the 1497 bonfire of vanities. Boticelli, who was forgotten after he died, was rediscovered by 19th century Pre-Raphaelite artists.

. Sandro Botticelli’s artwork has been specially reproduced for our SOLO® glass tiles. A solo glass tile depicting renaissance is a great addition to any kitchen backsplash, bathroom or living area wall. Our renaissance solo glass tiles are designed to be a beautiful centerpiece for any room in your home.

  • Need it fast? We ship most orders within 2 business days.
  • Suitable for any indoor wall application (wet or dry) and outdoors in completely shaded areas.
  • Installs over existing ceramic tile, glass tile or drywall.
  • One single piece of safety glass, anti-microbial and easy to clean.
  • Easy to install – only takes a few minutes. You can even change them for the seasons.
  • Integrates beautifully with glass tile backsplashes – gives your project a modern and new look.
  • Design is imaged directly to the back of the glass, comes with 4 x 1″ standoffs for easy installation.
  • Customize your kitchen with a solid glass SOLO® and let your personality and style be the highlight of your kitchen, bathroom or living space.
  • See here for installation instructions

Add a touch of personality and class to your kitchen, bathroom or any space with a SOLO® glass tile featuring renaissance, and the artwork of Sandro Botticelli.


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