SOLO Glass Tile – Peppers and Morning Glory – Kitchen Kitchen Glass Panel – Dina Farris Appel


This SOLO® glass tile features the artwork of Dina Farris Appel and contains images of chili peppers, dessert, cactus, stone window, pillars and southwest.

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This SOLO® glass tile features artwork by Dina Farris Appel that depicts a basket with chili peppers on a ledge of a stone window overlooking the dessert with morning glory vines on the pillars. Dina Farris Appel’s artwork has been specially reproduced for our SOLO® glass tiles. A solo glass tile depicting kitchens is a great addition to any kitchen backsplash, bathroom or living area wall. Our kitchen solo glass tiles are designed to be a beautiful centerpiece for any room in your home.

  • Need it fast? We ship most orders within 2 business days.
  • Suitable for any indoor wall application (wet or dry) and outdoors in completely shaded areas.
  • Installs over existing ceramic tile, glass tile or drywall.
  • One single piece of safety glass, anti-microbial and easy to clean.
  • Easy to install – only takes a few minutes. You can even change them for the seasons.
  • Integrates beautifully with glass tile backsplashes – gives your project a modern and new look.
  • Design is imaged directly to the back of the glass, comes with 4 x 1″ standoffs for easy installation.
  • Customize your kitchen with a solid glass SOLO® and let your personality and style be the highlight of your kitchen, bathroom or living space.
  • See here for installation instructions

Add a touch of personality and class to your kitchen, bathroom or any space with a SOLO® glass tile featuring kitchens, and the artwork of Dina Farris Appel.


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