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Collecting Delft Tiles

If you love the look of Delftware, you may be interested in collecting delft tiles. These wares are the result of a unique and beautiful process of painting a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, directly onto ceramic or porcelain tiles. If you enjoy collecting tiles, you might want to take a look at our ‘Delft Tile Collection‘. Available in 4-1/4″ and 6″ tiles, this collection features a variety of designs from the late 1600’s.

Blue Delft tiles first appeared in 1620 and were inspired by Chinese porcelain. At the time, the Dutch East India Company was trading with China, and millions of pieces of porcelain were shipped to Amsterdam. After the Chinese emperor’s embargo was lifted, Dutch potters copied the designs and colors of Chinese ceramics. Delft tiles, now recognizable around the world, are a result of this import.

Delft blue soon became a general term for all blue and white earthenware objects. The tin-based glaze of Delftware made them glossy and white, and they were easy to paint. Many collectors collect Delft tiles and other Delft art.

The distinctive blue and white Delft tiles are an iconic symbol of Dutch colonial art. They feature portraits and everyday objects found in Dutch villages. They are instantly recognizable, and their appeal lies in their individuality. Whether the tiles depict a horse, a cow, or a dog, you’ll surely find a tile that suits your taste and personal style.

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