Tile Mural – Birth of Adam – Renaissance Fine Art Kitchen/Bathroom Backsplash Mural – Michelangelo


This tile mural features the artwork of Michelangelo and contains images of Old World and Religious.

Please select your ceramic tile finish. Matte has no sheen, Satin is our in-between finish, and Glossy is high gloss. Most folks choose Satin, our in-between sheen level.
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This tile mural features artwork by Michelangelo that depicts the famous painting Birth of Adam.

Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling between 1508 and 1512. For the central section of the ceiling, Michelangelo has taken four episodes from the story of Adam and Eve as told in the first, second and third chapters of Genesis. In this sequence of three, two of the panels are large and one small. In the first of the pictures, and one of the most widely recognised images in the history of painting, Michelangelo shows God reaching out to touch Adam, who, in the words of Vasari, is “a figure whose beauty, pose and contours are such that it seems to have been fashioned that very moment by the first and supreme creator rather than by the drawing and brush of a mortal man. From beneath the sheltering arm of God, Eve looks out, a little apprehensively.

. Michelangelo’s artwork has been specially reproduced for tile. A tile mural depicting renaissance is a great addition to any kitchen backsplash, bathroom or living area wall. Our renaissance tile murals are designed to be a beautiful centerpiece for any room in your home.

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  • Suitable for any indoor wall application (wet or dry) and outdoors in completely shaded areas.

Add a touch of personality and class to your kitchen, bathroom or any space with a tile mural featuring renaissance, and the artwork of Michelangelo.

Mural size

21-1/4" Wide x 8-1/2" Tall Mural on 4-1/4" Ceramic Tiles, 29-3/4" Wide x 12-3/4" Tall Mural on 4-1/4" Ceramic Tiles, 30" Wide x 12" Tall Mural on 6" Ceramic Tiles, 30" Wide x 12" Tall Mural on 6" Satin Porcelain Tiles, 28" Wide x 12" Tall Mural on 4" Matte Marble Tiles, 30" Wide x 12" Tall Mural on 6" Matte Marble Tiles


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